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Teelixir Podcast Interview on the Mojo Radio Show with daniel WhitechurchListen to the co-creator of Teelixir, Daniel Whitechurch, chat with Gary & Robbo from the Mojo Radio show on their latest episode 127 with Jennifer Holland.

Hear Daniel, Gary, and Robbo discuss:

  • The Early days of Teelixir, touring the world playing music and battling sickness and fatigue.
  • Los Angeles, the hub of health and wellness that helped form the basis of a healthy Teelixir lifestyle.
  • How tonic herbs and superfood mushrooms improved Daniel's declining health.
  • Beta-glucans, the important compound in mushrooms that help boost immunity.
  • How Teelixir's customers have improved their own energy zapped and viral overloaded bodies.
  • The libido-enhancing effects of tonic herbs, Cordyceps mushroom, He Shou Wu, Schizandra berry and more.
  • The science and history behind adaptogenic herbs.
  • Cordyceps mushroom, the caterpillar fungus. The difference between wild Cordyceps vs cultivated Cordyceps.
  • The three treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • The importance of Jing, the foundational energy centre of the body.
  • Tonic herbs that nourish Jing, Reishi mushroom, He Shou Wu, and Cordyceps Mushroom.
  • How to use the tonic herbs and superfood mushrooms.
  • Why are these foods classified as tonic herbs? How much do we use?
  • Medicinal mushrooms are prebiotic foods that help assist good gut flora.
  • Jing foods and the important health benefits of Polyrhachis Ant.
  • What are the best tonic herbs for you and where you should start?
  • How to upgrade your coffee with tonic herbs.

Teelixir Podcast with The Mojo Radio Show

Listen to the full podcast radio show here.

(Skip to the 29:00-minute mark if you wish to skip the Jennifer Holland story).


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