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Our Mission at Teelixir

The Simple and Practical Health Changes You've Been Searching For

Doesn’t it always feel like there is some great new, fun and sexy health fad that claims will make you feel younger, transform your body, and take your health to the next level?

Like us, have you spent too much time and money on health products that just don’t produce the real results that you were searching for?

Aren't you tired of all the unused bottles of pills and powders falling out of your kitchen cupboard?

We certainly are...

The word “superfood” has become an overused and ubiquitous term in our culture today that doesn’t always promote or serve up the proper nutrition and benefits that we all deserve.

This motivated the founders to build Teelixir and create an informed world of health that focusses on true superfood nutrition that produces real and lasting results. We wanted to bring you the world’s most nutrient dense and well-studied superfoods in a delicious and practical form, that is convenient and easy for you to incorporate into your daily life. 

We’re bringing you the kind of upgraded change that you’ve been searching for all along. No more fads, or jumping pill bottles, just real superfoods that promote abundant health and well-being, just for you. It's what you deserve.


Teelixir About us and why we supply the best high quality medicinal mushroom extract powders to buy in Australia

The Teelixir Mission

Teelixir is consciously focussed on creating awareness and providing access to the most powerful and regenerative food substances in the world. 

Teelixir incorporates ancient systems of healing into consciously crafted formulas, whole herb and superfood products to restore balance to our systems, increase vitality, essence, creativity, mental acuity, strong libido, and overall well-being that promotes radiant health in all areas of one’s life.

Our delicious tonic herb and superfood blends are easy and convenient to consume at home, the office, before and after workouts, or while on-the-go. 

Teelixir products are created with the highest integrity and shared with the deepest love. We do not compromise our value to source the best quality ingredients available.

Teelixir products represent the culmination of over five thousand years of consistent cultural use and medicinal research, and their development was created to meet the goals of the most discerning of health seekers. 

The Teelixir brand is a lifestyle movement dedicated to empowering our global culture to make the most health-conscious choices.

Our vision and the intention of our products is to serve as transformative tools that restore balance, and aligns one with their highest purpose of living, providing you with the power to create and manifest the very best version of yourself.


Tea Elixir Teelixir

Tea + Elixir = Teelixir. Get It?

Tonic herbs were traditionally boiled together for many hours into a "tea” to create a potent life promoting “elixir” that could be enjoyed every day to increase energy, balance, overall well-being, and promote a long and healthy life. 

Teelixir balances the ancient wisdom of Taoist health philosophies with modern health practices and makes it easy for you to incorporate these great longevity foods into your life.

Adding Teelixir to your tea is just one delicious way to incorporate our tasty blends into your life! The ideas are endless. Please send us your great creations too!

Simply add or mix your delicious Teelixir blends into water, smoothies, juice, tea, coffee, soup, cereal or any food and dessert recipes. The possibilities are endless!

Check out the recipe blog to find easy and delicious ways to start using tonic herbs in your life.

Meet the Team

The Short Spiel

Teelixir is the brainchild of its two creators, Julze Serendipity and Daniel Whitechurch. In short, both of these intrepid heroes smashed themselves up and depleted their vital systems in their prime youth.

Mostly through advanced stress, regretful lifestyle decisions, hectic work life schedules, and long-term dietary choices with a used by date that had well and truly expired. Battling through their own sicknesses, adrenal fatigue, and viral loads, their lack of youthful vitality and drive eventually lead them on a path of self-healing to restore their body and mind and regain their youth naturally. Their search for greater energy and a better life lead them to discover the ancient wisdom and principles of tonic herbalism, and the herbal tonics, mushrooms, and superfoods associated with that great tradition.

By diving in head first and incorporating this new found knowledge into their lives, in a short period of time, their desires had been met and the vitality they lost quickly returned.

Inspired by their personal journey’s, together in late 2014, Julze and Daniel began formulating the Teelixir brand and soon formed a company devoted to helping others regain their health, just as they did, and they began providing education and access to the same ancient superfoods that restored their diminishing health.
Fast forward to today, Julze and Daniel are living and thriving and feeling better than ever thanks to the ancient superfoods and lifestyle principles of tonic herbalism.
So what is tonic herbalism? Here’s what the Teelixir founders have to say:

"Tonic herbalism is a lifestyle choice that promotes healthy aging and allows you to pursue your goals, live your purpose, chase your dreams, and feel amazing while doing it! That is the most important thing in the world to us, and deep down we think this is what the whole world wants, and needs right now. Anyone can achieve this and we’ve set out to make it a little easier for you. That was our intention, that is our goal."

—Julze Serendipity & Daniel Whitechurch
Teelixir is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Contact via email at info@teelixir.com or by phone at (03) 5900-6517.

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