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Shop now. Pay Later. Always Interest-Free.

Remember the days when we used layby?

We'd gradually pay off that pretty dress or fancy jacket in instalments over time. After every paycheck, we would get a little bit closer to fully owning it but we had to keep visiting the store, going back and forth until we finally paid it off. It was inconvenient and time-consuming!

Introducing the new and improved layby system from the future–it's called Afterpay and Teelixir is excited to be an official partner!

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a great new service that offers installment plans for online shoppers, allowing a purchase to be paid for in four equal installments, due every fortnight.

The best part is, you don't have to wait to receive your purchased items before you pay in full. Teelixir will ship out your items to you as soon as you make an order and check out with Afterpay.

Do I pay more if I use Afterpay?

No! Afterpay is a free service for shoppers - there are no upfront fees charged or any interest incurred.

The only fees that may be incurred by consumers are late fees if your scheduled payments are unsuccessfully processed and, after being notified, you do not log in to your Afterpay account to make your payment via a different method. 

Who can use Afterpay?

At this time, Afterpay is only available for people over 18 that are living in Australia and use an Australian debit card or credit card. Afterpay does not require you to fill out a credit application form.

Is Afterpay safe and secure?

We understand how important security is so we ensure that your personal information is protected. Afterpay is a PCI DSS Level 1 certified compliant Service Provider organisation. PCI DSS is a comprehensive set of requirements created by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to enhance cardholder data security and to ensure the safe handling and storage of sensitive customer credit card information and data. 

This is the highest level of security in the payment industry.

How do I use Afterpay?

Afterpay is fully integrated into the Teelixir checkout system. Simply select the Afterpay payment method at checkout when you're ready to make your purchase. If it’s your first time using Afterpay, you will provide payment details as usual to complete your purchase. 

Once your first order is approved, your Afterpay account is created. All you need to do is visit www.afterpay.com.au to set up a password, and you will be able to make more purchases using Afterpay by simply entering your log in details upon checkout.

When will my first payment be taken?

The Afterpay system determines for each order placed, whether you will be required to make your first payment at the time of purchase. This will be clearly communicated to you prior to you confirming your order. Most existing Afterpay customers will pay their first installment after 2 weeks, whereas new customers will pay it at the time of purchase.

For all orders over $500, you will always be required to make your first payment at the time of purchase.

Can I pay off my order sooner?

Yes, you can pay on your due date or before if you prefer. Paying Afterpay before your payment due date is a good way of controlling your spend and for you to be in control of what you pay and when.

Alternatively, if you don’t want the hassle of logging in to make a manual payment you can simply let the Afterpay automated payment schedule take the funds on the agreed scheduled date.

Whichever way you prefer we do not mind, it makes no difference we just love the word PAID!

Can I have multiple Afterpay orders?

Yes, you can, Afterpay will monitor your account.

If you are up to date on your payments you have the option to have multiple orders running simultaneously. In the case that you have overdue payments or too many scheduled payments, Afterpay will decline your application and provide you with the reason.

What do I do if I still haven't received my order? Or, I received damaged goods?

If you are waiting for delivery of goods and it is taking longer than you expected or you have received your order with items missing or damaged, please get in touch with Teelixir directly via email at info@teelixir.com.

Afterpay is not able to amend, adjust or change an order once it is approved - this must be handled directly with us at Teelixir. We will do our best to resolve your order as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Want to know more? Please visit Afterpay to learn more.

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