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Teelixir Superfood Medicinal Mushrooms Extract Powder Store Competition Giveaway Reishi Chaga Cordyceps Lion's Mane

Win a one year supply of Teelixir Superfood Mushrooms from your local store!

This supertonic prize pack includes Chaga mushroom (50g x3), Cordyceps mushroom (50g x3), Lion's Mane Mushroom (50g x3), and Reishi Mushroom (50g x3) extract powder.

Here's how to enter:

1. Enter your name and details in the form below.
2. Select your local store from the drop-down menu.
3. Hit submit to confirm your entry!
4. The winner (YOU) will be announced on 31st January 2018. You can collect your prize pack from your local store.

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Superfood Medicinal Mushroom Extracts Teelixir
Teelixir Wild Chaga Mushroom Vegan Paleo Gluten Free Zero Sugar Free Non GMO Non-Irradiated
Teelixir Superfood Medicinal Mushrooms Extract Powder Chaga Reishi Cordyceps Lion's Mane Maitake Immune Defence
Can you imagine not getting sick for a whole year? What about ten years? What about the rest of your life?!
 Is that even be possible?

Imagine if it was, how would that change your life? Think of how many more productive hours and days you would be granted. Think of how much more time you could devote to your family and friends, and be out in the world having fun and doing more of what you love to do, living your dreams and fulfilling your mission in this world. We all want to feel amazing all of the time. It's a positive vision and worthy goal to aspire to. Besides, no one has time to be sick!

Remember the days when you dragged yourself out of bed to run the 9-5 gauntlet, pushed your body and mind to the edge, got home late, feeling too wired to sleep, then you drag yourself out of bed the next morning, and do it all again until one day you’re too sick to even roll out of bed! It must be that dreaded cold that’s going around, right? We’ve all been there. We all know what it’s like to burn the candle at both ends. We’re all very busy and overloaded with too many responsibilities and obligations that we need to get done.

But what if we could thrive in the world full of energystrength, and resilience, and without ever getting struck down? What if we could function at 110% all day, every day and never burn out? Imagine rising up in the morning feeling energized, with more claritybrain power, and less stress. Imagine how much more productive we could be then!

It is 100% possible to attain these superhuman qualities of health for yourself! And with this newly enhanced state of being, your overall achievement levels would go through the roof! Life would feel very different from this high up, am I right?!

Does this sound familiar to YOU?...

Teelixir Superfood Medicinal Mushrooms Extract Powder Health Benefits

These ancient and renowned Superfoods Mushrooms work to strengthen the immune system, boost brain function, improve libido, relieve stress, elevate mood, improve memory and concentration, promote sleep, and provide unbelievable levels of energy and power to the body!


Teelixir Superfood Medicinal Mushrooms Extract Powder Chaga Reishi Cordyceps sinensis Lion's Mane Maitake Immune Defence

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