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Primal Energy - Fast Acting Energy Restoration!

Teelixir Primal Essence Tonic Herb Blend Powder Extract

Build Strength & Boost Energy Instantly for just over $1.00/day!

Primal Energy Tonic Blend is a powerful and energising blend composed of tonic herbs, mushrooms, and superfoods that promote long-term energy, lung and spleen support, increased blood flow, immune support, and digestive assimilation. Primal Energy is great for cultivating day to day energy and increasing adaptability and resilience to stress. This caffeine-free blend provides a stimulating effect without depleting the deep energy reserves of the body (Jing), or giving one the jitters or those common crashing feelings that caffeine overdose often delivers. Primal Energy is suitable to use on a daily basis for people of all ages.

Teelixir Primal Energy Chi Qi Tonic Herb Blend Health Benefits

Benefits of Primal Energy:

  • Energy
  • Digestion
  • Skin
  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Fitness
  • Strength
  • Liver
  • Immunity
  • Spleen
  • Blood

Energy. We all want it, we all need it, and we all want more of it. One of the most challenging issues many of us face is a constant lack of energy. We feel it in our body and mind and we can all relate to the problems it creates.

Energy is the foundation of our lives. Without enough energy, our relationships and careers suffer, our moods change and become unpredictable, our dreams become more difficult to achieve, and our overall happiness fades. Life seems to be running at half speed without enough energy.

The modern mentality of quick-fix pills and one-directional stimulants to gain “temporary" energy is unsustainable. We always require some level of balance. There is a saying in Chinese medicine - “it is OK to become tired, but never to become exhausted.” Feelings of tiredness (Chi depletion) suggest that you’re hard working while feelings of exhaustion (Chi and Jing depletion) suggest you’re unbalanced and burning the candle at both ends. This is where sickness and disease can manifest if we’re not too careful and more self-aware.

What is Chi?

Chi is best translated as the day to day energy and vitality derived from the air we breathe and the foods we eat. We feel a constant lack of energy in our body and mind and we can all relate to the problems that it creates in our lives. When we ask “I want more energy", what we’re really saying is "I need more Chi.”  Chi is a quality which accumulates over time, and with regular use of Primal Energy, one may expect to feel a positive difference in body, mind, and spirit.

When Can I Expect To See Results?

Everyone is different depending on the level of health they are experiencing. Almost every person who begins to incorporate tonic herbs into their diet for an extended period of time will experience many profound benefits. In many cases, the effects are instantaneous (especially with Primal Energy) while others may experience subtle influences at first with cumulative effects developing over time. For best results, we recommend using Primal Energy continuously for 100 days. After that drop down to a maintenance dose of 3-4 times/week if that feels right for you.

Teelixir Primal Energy Tonic Herb Blend Vegan Gluten Free Non-GMO Paleo Low Glycemic Index Non-Irradiated

What's in it?

Ingredients: Astragalus root+, Codonopsis+, White Atractylodes^, Poria Mushroom+, Licorice Root+, Red Jujube Fruit+, Longan Berry+, Raw Cacao*, Lucuma*, Mesquite*, All Spice*, Nutmeg*, Ginger*, Cinnamon*, Cayenne Pepper*, Zeolites

*Certified Organic  ^Wildcrafted  +Organically Cultivated (Non-GMO).
No added grains, fillers, preservatives, salt, sugar, or starch.

Note: Teelixir Astragalus undergoes a process of dual-extraction using water and organic ethanol. Organic ethanol is used to extract the adaptogenic terpenes while the hot water extracts the immune-modulating compounds. This is to ensure that we extract the full-spectrum of healing compounds, both the water soluble and oil soluble constituents from the Astragalus root. Less than 100 ppm of the organic ethanol remains in the extract.

Healthy Dose.

We recommend starting with 2 teaspoons or more per day. This will provide you with 67 servings in every best value 450g bag. If you know you are sensitive to herbs, you may want to start with less. When your body feels ready, you can increase your dosage according to your needs and daily requirements. It is very safe to consume in high doses.

The Chi tonic herbs.

Tonic herbalism can help us improve the absorption and utilization of Chi. Through the consumption of specific tonic herbs, we can influence the certain aspects of Chi within our systems and establish harmonious functioning within the body.

Teelixir Astragalus Root 10:1 Dual-Extract Powder

Astragalus Root

Astragalus root is an important “Chi tonifying” and adaptogenic herb that is famed for its powerful energizing and strengthening effects. It is highly valued for its ability to strengthen the primary energy of the body, the immune system, and all metabolic, respiratory, and eliminative functions. Astragalus has traditionally been called "The Great Protector" for its ability to function as an immune stimulator that supports and enhances the body’s defence system. Astragalus has the important effect of increasing “upright Chi” in the body which helps maintain good posture and prevents the prolapse of organs due to illness, chronic fatigue, and extreme exhaustion. This rejuvenating quality is essential to a long healthy life.

Teelixir Codonopsis Root Extract


Codonopsis root is a popular Chi and blood tonic herb. It helps support the Spleen and Lung functions and promotes the production of fluids in the body. Codonopsis is known to be similar in action to Ginseng but much milder. However, it does not contain the same chemical profile or Chi building capacity as Ginseng. Codonopsis root contains a much smaller saponin content compared to Ginseng. It is, however, often used in place of Ginseng in Chi tonic formulas due to its similar action. Codonopsis is rich in polysaccharides that help boost and modulate the immune system. Codonopsis is a mild herb that is great for children’s health. It has powerful strengthening effects on the digestive, respiratory, and immune system.

Teelixir White Atractylodes Extract

White Atractylodes

White Atractylodes is one of the most powerful tonics for building and boosting Chi energy. It is a primary herb used by athletes to build muscles and to provide strength and endurance. White Atractylodes helps strengthen the Spleen, improves digestion efficiency, and nutrient assimilation. It is the most effective herb for drying moisture from the middle jiao and relieving symptoms of accumulated dampness in the stomach and spleen area. White Atractylodes helps tonify Spleen Chi and keeps the digestive system warm. This is most suitable for anyone following a raw food diet. White Atractylodes can effectively regulate appetite and is especially helpful for women battling fatigue and dealing with digestive issues.

Teelixir Poria Mushroom Extract

Poria Mushroom

Poria Mushroom is a powerful immune system and Chi tonic herb. It is a primary longevity and anti-stress herb that supports the Kidneys, Spleen, and Heart functions. Poria mushroom improves the movement and flow of water throughout the body and helps transform dampness into Chi. It is widely used in many Chi tonic formulas for this reason. Poria is also famed by Chinese women as an excellent aid in the maintenance of a good figure.

 All statements on this website have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA) or the therapeutic goods administration (TGA). All food products sold and distributed through this website have not been recommended and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Additional Information.

Pharmaceutical Name: Astragalus membranaceus, Radix Codonopsis, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Rhizoma Atractylodes Macrocephalae, Poria cocos, Ziziphus jujuba, Dimocarpus longan.

Nourishes: Chi and Blood

Product Type: Blend. 7 x 10:1 Extract Powders plus superfood powders.

NET Weight: 120g and 450g

Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 60 mm (120g). 275 x 190 x 90 mm (450g).

Dosage: We recommend starting with 2 teaspoons per day. Individuals sensitive to herbs might want to start with less.

Size & Servings: 120g = 18 serves. 450g = 67 serves.

Invitations for use: Mix or blend 2 teaspoons of powder into your juice, smoothie, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup broth, or any food and dessert recipes.

Taste Profile: Mild flavour with a touch of sweetness and spice.

Origin: China

Dietary: Gluten Free, Vegan-friendly, Paleo friendly.

Does Not Contain: GMO's, Sugar, Fillers, Additives, Preservatives, Artificial Colours or Flavours.

Allergens: None. Dairy free and nut free.

Shelf Life: If kept sealed, the product will last at least two years from the date of purchase.

Storage Instructions: Store your product bags in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not required.


More about Primal Energy.

How much Primal Energy do I take?

We believe Primal Energy is more effective when consumed in small regular doses over a long period of time. We recommend starting with 2 teaspoons per day. When your body feels ready, you can increase your dosage to 1-2 tablespoons or more whenever you want to upgrade your systems. It is very safe to consume in high doses as well.

What’s in Primal Energy?

Primal Energy is a herbal blend that contains seven Chi boosting tonic herbs and other superfood ingredients. The tonic herbs extracts include Astragalus root, Codonopsis, Licorice root, White Atractylodes, Poria mushroom, Red Jujube fruit, and Longan berry. The additional superfood ingredients in this formula enhance the potency and deliciousness of the tonic herbs. They include– Raw Cacao (chocolate) powder, Organic Lucuma, Organic Mesquite, Organic All Spice, Organic Nutmeg, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Cayenne Pepper, and Zeolites.

What is the best time to take Primal Energy?

The daylight hours may be best. Primal Energy is not a stimulant, however, it can be quite energising for some people. Depending on the individual, it may disrupt sleep if taken before bed.

Is Primal Energy suitable for me?

Primal Energy provides safe and valuable nutrition for men and women of all ages. It is 100% vegan, paleo, gluten free, non-GMO, and contains no added sugar, low glycemic index, and no additives or preservatives. If you are attempting to treat a medical condition or are wondering about medication interactions, or consuming tonic herbs during pregnancy and breastfeeding, please consult with your medical professional prior to purchasing. Please also check with your pediatrician if you have any concerns about giving your children Primal Energy.

Can I take Primal Energy every day?

Yes, we recommend consuming Primal Energy daily. It is completely safe for long term use.

What is the ratio of tonic herbs in Primal Energy?

Two teaspoons serving size equates to one 1/2 teaspoon of potent tonic herbs.

How do I use Primal Energy?

Primal Energy can be used in a variety of creative ways. For fast absorption, mix or blend directly into your hot tea, coffee, nut milk, or juice. You can use Primal Energy as a great base or addition to your smoothies, elixirs, hot chocolates, soup broths, raw desserts, baked goods, or simply sprinkled over your favourite ice cream, yoghurt or cereal. The possibilities are endless! We'd love to see all the delicious and inventive ways you like to enjoy your Primal Energy.

Every month we feature our favourite new customer recipes and give away a prize pack. Feel free to email us your recipes and photo creations to (or tag us on social media @teelixir) for your chance to win and show off your cooking skills!

Can I combine Primal Energy with other mushrooms and herbs?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, we recommend it. Combining these tonic herbs together will actually enhance their efficacy, not reduce it.

What does it taste like?

Primal Energy has a mild flavour with a touch of sweetness and spice from the ginger and cayenne pepper.

Are there any Primal Energy recipes?
Can I mix Primal Energy in my smoothies or protein shakes?

Yes, absolutely.

How are the Primal Energy herbs processed?

The tonic herb extracts in Primal Energy are processed using water only or water and alcohol (organic non-GMO edible rice alcohol) combined. These are the dual-extracts which include Astragalus root. No added grains, fillers, preservatives, salt, sugar, or starch are used.

Where are your Primal Energy herbs sourced?

The seven tonic herbs in Primal Energy are either sustainably wildcrafted or organically (semi-wild) cultivated, with respect to, and abiding by the fundamental concept of "Di Tao” sourcing in Chinese herbalism. Di Tao means “Earth Tao” or in Chinese, “authentic source.” All these tonic herbs come directly from their original growing source, the pristine high mountain ranges of China, far from any cities or industrial pollution.

Wildcrafted: White Atractylodes.

Semi-wild and organically cultivated (Non-GMO) fruiting bodies: Astragalus root, Codonopsis, Licorice root, Poria mushroom, Red Jujube fruit, and Longan berry.

What is "semi-wild” cultivation?

"Semi-wild" herbs are grown from seed then placed into a natural environment (a mountain forest or a desert, for example) and allowed to grow naturally without human interference. The "semi-wild" cultivation process simulates the wild herbs growing conditions where it can accumulate food and energy naturally. This method produces tonic herbs with a chemical profile closely similar to the wild material and is often better than the organically cultivated varieties.

What is wildcrafted?

Many of our tonic herbs are sustainably harvested directly from the wild environments in which they naturally grow in. Wild herbs cannot be termed “organic” because they are not cultivated, even though their growing methods would deem them certified organic. Unfortunately, an entire mountain or forest cannot be certified organic at this time.

When can I expect to see results?

Everyone is different depending on the level of health they are experiencing. In some cases, the benefits of our products may be felt instantaneous while others may experience subtle influences at first and notice cumulative effects developing over time. For great results we recommend consuming one or more of our products regularly for at least 30-100 days.

What is Chi?

Chi, or Qi, is the second treasure which represents the aspect of our life that involves our action, our function, and our thought. It's the source of our vitality that nourishes and protects us.

Chi is best translated as the day to day energy and vitality derived from the air we breathe and the foods we eat. In other words, Chi is the flowing force or the electric currents, that drive our metabolism of food into energy and blood. The closest equivalent to Chi in Western biology is the Krebs cycle. This complex chemical process describes the transformation of food into energy which results in adenosine triphosphate (ATP), our cellular energy source.

From the Chinese perspective, everything is a manifestation of Chi. Chi is the foundational energy or life force of the universe that permeates and flows through everything, giving life, and influencing life. Modern physics expresses the same idea which understands that mass and energy are one and the same.

Chi may be defined as all energy. The first treasure Jing, our ancient primordial essence that we discussed above, is also known as “original Chi”. This represents our reproductive, creative, bodily and genetic potential. We can view Jing as basically saved Chi held for later use. If we accumulate more Chi energy than we use on a daily basis, the remainder of that energy can help further supplement Jing. This is an important principle of understanding how we can protect and preserve of our precious Jing reserves (held in the Kidneys). The more abundance of Chi you acquire, the stronger your Jing will be. With strong Chi and Jing, our health is robust, our creativity blossoms, our adventurous spirits lift, and we can enjoy youthful vitality in our older years.

It’s important that we learn to cultivate Chi every day through movement and exercise, meditation practices such as yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, deep breathing exercises, and by optimising our diet with the best Chi nourishing whole foods and tonic herbs to avoid using our precious reserves of Jing essence for our daily energy.

For a further in-depth discussion of Chi, please refer to our blog post How to cultivate long-term energy, for a long healthy life.

Is Teelixir Primal Energy independently tested for heavy metals?

Yes, we have independently tested our Primal Energy tonic blend and verified that it is extremely low in heavy metals. You can view the exceptional ‘Lab Results' for yourself in the next tab on this page.

Learn more about the strict Teelixir 'Gold Standard’ and importance of independent heavy metal testing.

How many servings in this bag?

Each 450g best value bag of Primal Energy provides 67 servings or a nine-week supply.

How do I store Teelixir products?

Store your product bags in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not required.

How long will my Teelixir products last?

If kept sealed, all products will last at least two years from the date of purchase. In some cases, the herbal material can “candy” (harden) over a period of time, depending on the environmental conditions. This does not mean the product has gone bad, it is still just as effective and beneficial. Make sure the bag is sealed at all times when not in use to prevent moisture and oxygen from entering.

Are Teelixir products non-irradiated?

Yes, absolutely! No amount of irradiation is ever done on any Teelixir products. We've gone to extreme lengths to ensure that all of the tonic herbs, mushrooms, adaptogens, and superfoods we import under the Teelixir brand name have not been processed in any harmful ways that could damage the nutrition or chemical profile of the herbal material. We wouldn’t accept them any other way!

Contrary to what you may have heard, irradiation does not improve the bio-availability and effectiveness of these tonic superfoods. Irradiation is mostly used to prolong the shelf life of a food product and most often, creates a nutrient depleted and inferior food item at the expense of the consumer. That’s not how we do things at Teelixir. We share your zero tolerance for food irradiation.

When will my item(s) ship?

All orders placed before 3 pm (AEST) will generally be processed and shipped out on the same day. This applies during the weekdays (Monday to Friday) and excludes Australian public holidays.

When will my order arrive?

Standard shipping in Australia generally takes 3-5 business days for your order to arrive. Express shipping (1-2 days) is also available. International orders can take a minimum of 14-15 business days or more to be delivered, depending on the country of destination.

Got more questions? Check out our full FAQ page here or please feel free to get in touch with us at We'd love to hear from you!

Teelixir Independently Tested Primal Energy Low Heavy Metals Verified

Teelixir Primal Energy has been independently tested and verified to have extremely low levels of heavy metals.

• View the Heavy Metals Lab Results (Note: mg/kg = ppm)

Scientific Studies of Chinese Tonic Herbs.

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