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"Love these mushrooms! I take Reishi and Chaga mushroom daily and they have changed my life."

~ Claire B. (Verified Customer)


"Literally the best mushrooms I've ever had! You need the tiniest amount to feel the difference – which is amazing. I've used other companies in the past but Teelixir is by far the best."

~ Kirsten P. (Verified Customer)


"I’ve been taking Lion's Mane mushroom for over a year without results until I switched to this brand. Far superior quality, I noticed results straight away helping my sleep, motivation to study and be creative. A real game changer, I will stick with Teelixir from now on."

~ Zippy M. (Verified Customer)

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At Teelixir, we are dedicated to sourcing the world’s cleanest, and most potent, organic herbal ingredients. It's what we do best.

From our small family farms to our organic supply chain partners, we only source the most effective, sustainable, nutrient dense superfoods and "Di-Tao" tonic herbal products.

You'll feel the difference. We promise you that.

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