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Tremella Mushroom

  • Tremella Mushroom

    Give your skin the dewy glow it needs. Tremella is an incredible youth-preserving medicinal mushroom and Qi tonic that helps rejuvenate, moisturize and hydrate the skin naturally. Its been called nature's hyaluronic acid and a favourite vegan source of collagen for its powerful skin-protective and ultra-hydrating benefits.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine on Tremella Fuciformis

    Tremella fuciformis is one of the great medicinal mushrooms and anti aging tonic herbs in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In Chinese, it's called silver ear mushroom and is known as snow fungus and the beauty mushroom. Asian herbalists used Tremella mushrooms for centuries to nourish the Lungs, Kidneys, Heart, Brain, Stomach and as a powerful tonic to enhance the immune system.

    It's clinically used to help clear heat and dryness and replenish fluids in the body (Yin deficiency).

    Beauty & Hydration with Tremella Mushroom Australia

    Tremella mushrooms help enhance the elasticity of the skin while reducing the look of fine lines and inflammation. Its remarkable water retaining properties (500 times its own weight) and hydration benefits make it one of the best beauty foods. Try Tremella mushroom for the ultimate hydration and antioxidant boost.

    • 100% Tremella Mushroom Fruiting Bodies Extract
    • Authentic Di Tao Source
    • Third-Party Tested and Quality Verified
    • Guaranteed Potency: >11% Beta-D-Glucans <2% Starch
    • No Added Grains, Starch, Mycelium or Fillers

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