COVID-19 Prevention Policy

As the situation evolves with COVID-19 day-to-day, our top priority during these challenging times continues to be the health and safety of our co-workers, customers and communities. 

At Teelixir, taking care of both our communities and our employees is very important to us. 

Thankfully, Teelixir has been able to expand during these uncertain times which means more work for more people and every employee continues to be paid their full salary. 

All employees have been trained on the proper hand washing protocol, work areas are cleaned prior to shipping each package and all employees wear masks and gloves when packaging orders. 

Additionally, since March, we have implemented a number of measures in support of the government working requirements:

  • All employees work remotely from home (where possible).
  • All warehouse employees work a minimum of 6 ft apart from each other and follow social distancing guidelines at all times (We own a large warehouse so this is very easy to do).
  • All warehouse employees must wear masks and gloves at all times when working with any of the products. 
  • Only Teelixir employees may enter our warehouse environment (This includes delivery personnel).
  • All incoming delivery goods are sprayed with alcohol to prevent any potential transmission from entering our clean warehouse environment.
  • All Teelixir employees must follow the rules and standards set by the government enforced lockdown (Social distance at all times, maintain clean hygiene and do not engage in large group activities etc.) while at home and outside of work.

Teelixir is based in regional Victoria in the Yarra Valley (90 mins drive from metropolitan Melbourne) and outside of the high-risk COVID-19 areas of Melbourne. (Update: July 2020)

We take these measures very seriously and hope they are satisfactory to help ease any concerns. If not, we are open to further suggestions. Please contact us at

Shipping Update

We are working closely with our external partners to ensure your order reaches you as quickly as possible. Please note, due to COVID-19-related safeguards, limited flights and increased parcel volumes, there may be delays with your orders. Rest assured, your order will get to you - we promise you this! Thank you for your patience and ongoing support.

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