How to Set Goals for 2023: Tips for Achieving a Healthy Body & Mind

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How to Set Goals for 2023: Tips for Achieving a Healthy Body & Mind

An Overview About Healthy Body & Mind

Are you experiencing stress, exhaustion, or other unwell feelings? In today's fast-paced society, it can be challenging to keep a healthy body and mind. But don't panic, you can make lots of little adjustments to improve your lifestyle and enhance your general well-being.

There is no doubt that because we are complex beings, both our physical and mental health are influenced by one another.

The nervous system is activated and a stress reaction is elicited by what we believe, the limiting beliefs we build, anxieties, self-talk, and past traumas, all of which have an impact on our bodies and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, there is a bidirectional relationship between our gut microbiome, injuries, excessive exercise, a poor diet, and insufficient sleep, which can lead to worry, catastrophic thinking, mental exhaustion, poor judgment, poor food choices, and negative self-perception. Medicinal mushroom benefits may help in these areas.

This article will look at how you can set goals for 2023, achieve your goals, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

We'll also discuss how medicinal mushrooms benefits and adaptogenic herbs can promote brain health, a strong digestive system, why you should prioritize yourself first for your mental wellness and overall well-being.

Why Are Goals Important?

Why Are Goals Important?

Goals are crucial because they give us a sense of purpose and motivate us as human beings with prefrontal cortexes that can think abstractly in the future and past tenses.

Setting objectives, no matter how "little" or "large," is fundamental to achieving a healthy lifestyle, a healthy body healthy mind. Goals provide us direction, motivation for self-control, and frequently deeper significance to our life.

We must include goals that nourish each aspect of our existence and enhance our way of life when setting goals for our mental wellness and overall well-being.

We need objectives for our emotions, bodies, money, minds, psychology, and minds so that we can honestly and without bias consider where we might improve.

Why do you want to achieve your goals in 2023? How will it benefit your life—your past, present, and future selves? Why will it help you lead a healthy lifestyle?

How to Set Achievable Goals in 2023?

We can all agree that the stress from 2020 is still present and has an effect on our mental wellness today, and living a healthy lifestyle in 2023.

For some of us, the struggle to travel, plan trips, set objectives, and get back to our lives as they were before COVID-19 is still very real. We also struggle with chronic fatigue, a lack of energy, future uncertainty, and these struggles.

This all makes it harder to achieve your goals and improve your lifestyle.

The new year is a tremendous opportunity to center yourself, improve your lifestyle, let go of anxiety, and look to the new year to set goals for 2023 that can help us build positive habits that support physical and mental wellness.

Later, we'll discuss the SMART goals paradigms and how they can actually assist in helping achieve your goals for 2023 while also enhancing self-confidence and self-trust.

You gain the assurance that your goals are being realized, and ultimately, improve your lifestyle. To achieve your goals, I also believe it's crucial to broaden our understanding of what a goal is.

I feel that it still primarily focuses on external outcomes, such as a new job, a financial objective, or a romantic relationship, when instead, we can look inward and consider internal goals that we want for ourselves, like forgiving someone who has wronged us, refraining from work drama, or speaking ill of ourselves every time we go out.

Tips for Achieving a Healthy Body and Mind

Achieving a healthy body and mind and trying to improve your lifestyle is a typical resolution for every new year because when we nurture our bodies, we vicariously enrich our minds, and vice versa.

We know that the sun raises serotonin and improves mood, exercise is the world's most effective antidepressant, and being in nature physically shifts our nervous systems into the parasympathetic state, which lowers inflammation.

My advice is to include more of what it means to be a functioning human being in our life in order to have a healthy body healthy mind.

In a time when our lives are getting busier and busier, filled with technology, attention-grabbing notifications, toxic relationships, and media, this is more living in harmony with the planet.

It also entails cultivating deeper connections with others, spending more time outdoors and in nature, eating more organic brain healthy foods, medicinal mushrooms benefits and adaptogenic herbs, more time exploring, more adventure, more daydreaming, more creativity, more movement, more hydration, and rising and setting with the sun.

This tips can help you achieve your goals and improve your lifestyle.

Build Up Your Confidence

Build Up Your Confidence

Confidence can be defined as a skill that can be learned. For some people, confidence may have been reinforced through their parents or their experiences, while it may not have been for others.

As we get older, some of us have a skill that has been exercised more than others, making us better at it.

We need to begin by considering confidence as a talent rather than a trait.

In her book Growth Mindset, Carol Dweck discusses how approaching learning and traits like confidence as skills—things we can become better at with practice—transforms everything and eliminates the fear of failing.

By exercising confidence, we may improve it. The ancient saying goes, "Fake it until you make it."

When we have confidence, it means we think highly of ourselves or an idea. Knowing you are excellent at cooking, being a partner, and taking your mushroom supplements and adaptogenic herbs, and brain healthy foods on a regular basis is knowing you have value and you are valuable.

Because of how clever our minds are, when we encounter rejection, we frequently begin to fabricate a story about it that leads us to believe we are inadequate. This is what undermines our confidence.

However, if you approach confidence as a skill, you'll realize that rejection happens to everyone, it's not always personal, you might not be the best fit at the moment, and just because a circumstance or objective didn't work doesn't mean you're a failure; it's just a lesson.

As a nutritionist, I observe this kind of thinking and a lack of self-assurance in self-control, as well as "dieting" in the harmful, restrictive sense because people who have tried and failed at diets in the past don't trust themselves.

However, when I sit down with clients, we look at all the reasons why they were destined to fail, such as the fact that we are social creatures and require the freedom to enjoy meals, the fact that they didn't develop healthy habits that would have allowed them to succeed, and the fact that frequently there is still a toxic mindset underneath that wants your inner voice to say, "See, you knew you were going to fail."

So get real in order to increase your confidence. If you frequently fall short of your ambitions, stop being idealistic. Concentrate on creating little habits first, then expand upon them.

For instance, the objective is to cut back on drinking to twice a week. The objective is to walk for 20 minutes or do a 30 minute workout three times a week. The target is to drink 1.5 liters of water per day. The goals is to consume medicinal mushroom supplements and adaptogenic herbs consistently for 100 days.

These small habits are building blocks for achieving bigger goals and the foundation to improve your lifestyle.

When you reach your objectives and they become part of your new normal, you elevate them, building a healthy lifestyle and a version of yourself that is closer to your ideal self.

Boost Your Activity Levels

Boost Your Activity Levels

We all know how important exercise is for both our physical health and mental wellness, but a lot of us find it difficult to get moving and reach our fitness objectives.

How come, though?

Humans are first and foremost impatient by nature. We are all naturally lazy and want results right away. The reason fads succeed is that they prey on this fundamental process of laziness. We want to exert the least amount of effort while producing the greatest outcomes.

Now that we are aware that we must overcome our fundamental tendency to perform the bare minimum, we also must;

1. Create an image of yourself doing what your goal allows. For example, if you want to lose 10 kg, picture yourself as the kind of person who, no matter what, works out and lifts weights four times a week because that's who you are and you are motivated to improve your lifestyle.

2. Determine what inspires you. Do you want to reduce weight so you feel more at ease, confident, and seductive? Is that why you want to increase your exercise levels? Do you want your blood markers to be better? Would you like to play with your children? Do you desire the ability to fend against illness?

What makes you want it?

Now that we are aware that we are repressing an inner desire, now that we know what our future self will look like, and now that we understand why we want that goal, we begin to add activities that fit into our current healthy lifestyle and be honest with ourselves.

Don't say you're going to do home exercises if you're the kind of person who has to be in a group or have a PT or program and accountability to actually exercise. The odds of you failing are higher.

Choose low-impact 30 minute workouts like walks, yoga, or pilates if you work 50+ hours a week and barely have any energy because they will fit into your schedule and life and are practical.

Again, start off small and establish consistency and non-negotiables around it so that your activity just becomes "what you do" – you're just the kind of person who does 30 minute workouts at home, goes to the gym before work, and practices yoga twice a week, etc.

This mushroom supplements can help your improve your energy and boost your activity and fitness levels.

Setting SMART Goals

Setting SMART Goals

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Oriented SMART goals are helpful paradigms for us to develop goals and for ultimately helping to achieve your goals.

Let’s get more specific about setting SMART goals for 2023;

Specific - The objective must be important and detailed; for instance, "I will ride to work 4 times per week."

Measurable: Your goal must be quantifiable so that you can evaluate your progress and, if necessary, make necessary adjustments. For instance, "I'll drop from 85 kilograms to 83 kilograms in two months."

Possibility: Make a deal with yourself. Accept what you're going to do, and then put it into practice. For instance: "Before cycling on the roads, I'll practice on the weekends to feel comfortable. I'll also sign up for a Facebook riding group.

Realistic: Your objective must be reachable given your available means, the circumstances, and the available time. For instance, "Cycling to work four times a week will help me lose that five pounds, save money on gas, increase my energy for the day, and widen my social circle."

Time-oriented - Set deadlines for yourself, such as "by March 1st, I will have dropped 5 kg."

Writing your goals for 2023 in the present tense, as if they have already occurred can help you achieve your goals. This is beneficial because it tricks your brain into believing that they have succeeded.

It will be "I am _____" rather than "I want to be..." or "I will be.." (insert goal here).

Speak About Your Goals to Others

Speak About Your Goals to Others

To achieve your goals, make your goals for 2023 public. This helps them become a reality since now people can hold us to them.

This is frequently the most difficult stage because none of us enjoys feeling unsuccessful (but keep in mind that nothing fails; it's just a lesson on what didn't work and a chance to learn from it and go past the obstacles that prevented achievement).

It's been shown that letting others know about our goals will boost the likelihood that we'll reach them.

Because you have a rational, step-by-step plan for achieving your objective, explaining what your goals are, why you want them, how you're going to attain them, and what you're going to do if you run into any predictable difficulties can help you feel more confident.

Being held accountable, in my opinion, is also a very effective strategy, particularly when aiming to enhance our interactions with others.

Gas lighting is a prime example that is extremely modern. We may establish a goal to be more mindful of what we say, if we're gaslighting someone, and apologizing and holding space for when we do.

Many of us do it, perhaps even unconsciously. Since they may call us out for the behavior we want to modify, others can help us keep accountable for this very real aim.

Enjoy Brain Healthy Foods

Enjoy Brain Healthy Foods

Eating meals that are good for the brain is another strategy to help us achieve our goals because brain healthy foods like medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs also benefit the gut and the rest of the body.

Here's a list of the best brain healthy foods and mushroom benefits to improve your lifestyle and mental wellness;

  • The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of blueberries, which give them their color, shield the brain and neurons from oxidative stress and premature aging.
  • Due to the fact that our brain is 60% fat, it is imperative that we consume high-quality dietary fats. Avocados are a great source of monounsaturated fats and are also involved in lowering inflammation, boosting neuronal signalling, and cell membrane function.
  • Brazil nuts are high in selenium, which is necessary for thyroid function and helps nutrients reach the brain.
  • NRF2 is activated by broccoli and broccoli sprouts, which prevents free radical damage to DNA and brain cells.
  • Choline and coQ10 are abundant in eggs, and choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, a crucial neurotransmitter for memory, learning, and attention. Coq10 is essential for the creation of brain energy.
  • Leafy greens are an excellent brain healthy food since they are full of methyl donors, which are necessary for cell division and gene expression, as well as B12, folate, B6, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C.
  • The most evidence for the benefits of fatty fish for enhancing cognition and preserving brain function comes from their high omega-3 content. Fatty fish (such as salmon, sardines, herring, etc.) must be included in the diet to control inflammation and ensure healthy cell membranes and signalling.
  • Garlic helps maintain a healthy gut-brain axis and guards against microbial and viral illnesses
  • Another NRF2 activator, turmeric, guards against oxidative stress and harm to neurons. Try our energizing Medicinal Mushrooms Turmeric Latte with Cordyceps and Ginger.
  • Magnesium and antioxidants found in cacao protect the brain from oxidative stress, disorders associated with aging, and neurodegeneration.
  • Matcha green tea is an important antioxidant and enhances liver and cardiovascular health. L-theanine, which is abundant in matcha and green tea and supports the creation of GABA, helps to quiet an overworked mind. Try this mushroom supplements– Medicinal Mushrooms Matcha Latte with Lion's Mane Mushroom and Peppermint.
  • The best medicinal mushrooms benefits–Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga–and Astragalus root and Ashwagandha root are all examples of adaptogenic herbs. These mushroom supplements and adaptogenic herbs are brain healthy foods that boost our resistance to stress, enhance the stress response, support a healthy brain, mood, energy, and immune system, and just generally make our brains more resilient to it.
  • A brain healthy food called Lion's Mane mushroom enhances mental cognition and memory while defending the brain against neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer's and dementia. Lion's Mane is one of the best mushroom supplements and brain healthy foods since this mushroom benefits includes neural growth elements that literally improve brain health and cognitive function.

Focus On Your Digestion

Focus On Your Digestion

Achieving a healthy body healthy mind requires putting a lot of effort into building a strong digestive system.

Without a healthy and strong digestive system, we are unable to effectively absorb the nutrients from our meals. Dysbiosis in the stomach, systemic inflammation, poor energy, and depressed mood are also common.

The first step to building a strong digestive system is to practice mindful eating, which involves avoiding distractions while eating, chewing food thoroughly (20 times before swallowing), and avoiding drinking beverages at the same time as food (which lowers stomach acid and slows digestion).

Additionally, including essential foods and herbs that support digestion is quite beneficial. Bitter foods are essential for this, including dandelion greens, cranberries, bitter melon, citrus, artichokes, cacao nibs, and green tea.

Prebiotics in apple cider vinegar help to sustain appropriate stomach acid levels, which aid in digestion and the colonization of good bacteria in the gut microbiome.

We adore this Medicinal Mushrooms Probiotic because it has medicinal mushrooms like Turkey Tail, Maitake, and Shiitake, which these medicinal mushrooms benefits the gut microbiota and have built-in antibacterial properties.

The organic combination of millet, amaranth, and chia seeds, as well as the immunological and microbial regulating herbs turmeric, marshmallow, licorice root, and ginger, all of which support a healthy and strong digestive system, provides the prebiotic fiber.

Additionally, I advise cutting back on certain foods like wheat gluten, conventional dairy, and refined sweets that frequently cause gastrointestinal problems.

Prioritize Care

It's crucial to prioritize yourself first to have a healthy body and mind, but we've saved it until last to emphasize how important it is.

The ability to repair, renew, and recharge during rest gives us the time and drive to get back to work after a short break before scheduling more time for rest.

Rest is the most beneficial activity, as it protects our bodies and minds, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and promotes a strong digestive system.

Rest and self-care can include getting to bed 30 minutes earlier, treating yourself to a date, declining the invitation to an event you don't really want to attend in favor of relaxing instead, choosing a low-intensity 30 minute workout, taking a mental wellness day, and organizing the house to make you feel good.

This mushroom benefits help promote rest and relaxation by calming the mind and supporting the nervous system.

I find it difficult to express the value of rest since it allows us to function more effectively and with greater motivation because we aren't constantly running on empty. Our lifestyles are too hectic and cortisol-inducing.

Don't feel guilty if you choose to prioritize yourself first or desire some downtime to recharge.

In order to be able to consistently fuel your body and mind, I recommend scheduling time for rest. Put it in your calendar. Make it a priority.

Reishi mushroom is a superb adaptogenic herb and medicinal mushroom supplements. This medicinal mushrooms benefits sleep and supports the nervous system by helping regulate the body's fight or flight response and transitions to the parasympathetic rest and digest response.

Reishi mushroom benefits include promoting sleep, lowering anxiety, being high in antioxidants, and being used for generations to lengthen life.

Final Words

Finally, it should be emphasized that preserving both physical health and mental wellness is essential for overall well-being. You should always prioritize yourself first.

Although it can be difficult in the fast-paced world of today, there are many simple adjustments you can do to enhance your health and happiness and improve your lifestyle such as incorporating medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs.

Finding methods to manage stress, getting adequate sleep, exercising frequently, like a quick 30 minute workout and creating objectives for each area of your well-being are some suggestions for achieving a healthy body healthy mind.

Understanding that confidence is a talent you can develop and that engaging in regular movement and activity benefits both your physical and mental health are some tips for having a healthy body and mind.

Setting SMART objectives can help you achieve your goals for 2023 and help you become the person you want to be.

You should also share your goals with others, add brain healthy foods, add medicinal mushrooms benefits and adaptogenic herbs to improve your lifestyle, build a strong digestive system, prioritize yourself first, and remember to take care and rest.

You can take charge of your health and develop a happier, and healthy lifestyle by implementing these habits into your everyday routine. Don't be afraid to make changes in your life today since, as you should always keep in mind, your mental wellness and overall well-being is worth the effort.


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Eliza's relaxed new-age approach and understanding of nutrition and wellness see her empowering and coaching individuals to understand that their health is the ultimate asset. Upon experiencing first-hand the power and place of tonic herbalism and medicinal mushrooms benefits and adaptogenic herbs in everyday life, Eliza’s become an adaptogen fangirl and feels their utilisation in today’s world is essential for abundance and wellbeing.

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