Top Six Adaptogens For Men to Feel Confident and Energetic

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Top Six Adaptogens For Men to Feel Confident and Energetic

An Overview About Adaptogens

Men in today's world have a battle of "modern life" against their health.

With excessive stress, overwork, toxin overload and little time spent taking care of themselves, more men are lacking energy, libido and confidence in many aspects of their lives.

Findings show there is a wide gender gap in health.

Life expectancy rates have increased year after year over the past 100 years. Advancements in medicine have allowed people of both sexes to live longer. But decade after decade, women continue to outpace men (1).

Women think about health more, and they do more about it. Women are more likely than men to have health insurance and a regular source of health care.

The truth is that most men neglect their health.

One of the most important goals that every man strives for is a sense of confidence, high energy and a good physique. If you aren't confident, physically fit and healthy, it can have adverse effects on your social interactions and personal life.

Adaptogens for men’s health and male hormonal health offer a natural solution to improve men’s health and increase lifespan.

Adaptogenic herbs are renowned as natural substances that restore balance normalize the body's physiological functions. The benefits of adaptogens help regulate the endocrine system, restore energy, enhance endurance, support male hormonal health and improve immunity.

Chronic stress is a major contributor to all diseases, especially men’s health. For centuries, adaptogenic herbs have been used as a remedy against stress and its harmful effects.

In this article, we discuss male hormonal health and the top six adaptogens for men’s health to restore confidence, reduce fatigue, boost libido, and increase energy and performance.

What Are Adaptogens?

What Are Adaptogens?

So what is an adaptogen?

Adaptogenic herbs are a special class of herbal medicines–plants, minerals and fungi–that have naturally calming and energizing effects on the body. They are known to treat various physical and psychological ailments.

Adaptogenic herbs are well known for their ability to stabilize the body and mind during periods of stress and help us adapt to our chaotic modern lifestyle–high stress, overwork, personal issues such as money and relationship problems, poor diet and sleep.

Adaptogenic herbs possess various secondary metabolites (termed 'phytonutrients') that can protect the body from various physical and emotional stresses as they can rejuvenate us. The most common conditions are anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, fatigue, or insomnia.

Adaptogens are peptides produced by plants, animals and microorganisms to help protect them from physical stressors and environmental changes. The benefits of adaptogens have been used for centuries Traditional Chinese (TCM), Ayurvedic and Siberian herbal medicine to help the body adapt to increased stress.

Adaptogenic herbs are also known as herbs that normalize your body's hormones and pH levels with no negative side effects.

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Benefits of Adaptogens for Men’s Health

Benefits of Adaptogens for Men’s Health

The benefits of adaptogens for men’s health are broad and profound.

Today, most working class men in society are too stressed out, tired or sick and are not able to perform well or cope with the daily challenges and stresses in their lives.

Such weaknesses can lead to a myriad of health problems some of which include depression, anxiety, fatigue and sexual dysfunction which leads to weaker vitality of a man.

If you think you're going through such situations, you don't have to worry. There are many ways that can help get your lost energy and confidence back.

Adaptogenic herbs offer a fantastic natural solution for men’s health. The benefits of Adaptogens reduce stress levels, increase energy and mental performance, balance the endocrine system and support male hormonal health.

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What is Testosterone?

Hormones, for the greater part of one's physical and psychological health, are responsible for many things including energy, mood, and sex drive.

Testosterone, usually the first hormone that comes to mind, is arguably the most important hormone for men’s health.

If you're a man, you probably know what testosterone is. It's the hormone that makes you feel like an adult man—it makes your muscles strong and your voice deep, it grows hair on your face and chest, it makes you want to go out and conquer the world.

Testosterone is an androgen steroid hormone associated with male sperm production and sexual function. The testicles are primarily responsible for testosterone production in men and it is the testosterone that is released into your bloodstream that governs your overall energy, creativity and sex drive.

Women’s ovaries produce testosterone as well, though in smaller amounts.

The production of testosterone is influenced by various hypothalamic hormones, such as the gonadotropin-releasing hormone and the luteinizing hormone (LH). LH binds to Leydig cell (testicular cells that release testosterone) receptors and activates testosterone production.

Low testosterone may affect your energy levels, libido and sexual function, so it's important to address these issues as soon as possible—especially if you're having trouble getting an erection or feeling like sex just isn't quite as good as it used to be.

Low testosterone can also lead to fatigue, weight gain (particularly in the abdomen), depression, and decreased muscle mass. If you've been experiencing any of these symptoms, then you should probably make an appointment with your doctor right away.

What Are The Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men?

What Are The Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men?

Low testosterone is a common health issue that affects millions of men around the world. The condition is sometimes called “Low T” or hypogonadism or male menopause.

Low T can affect fertility, muscle mass, and sex drive. Men who have low testosterone may also experience fatigue, weight gain, and decreased bone density. Additionally, they may have difficulty getting an erection or reaching orgasm.

Men with low testosterone may also notice swelling in their legs and feet because of fluid retention. This can lead to heart disease if left untreated, so it's important to talk to your doctor if you're experiencing these symptoms.

Low testosterone is a real thing, and it can be treated. But if you don't know what to look for, your symptoms might not seem as serious as they really are.

Here's a list of some common symptoms of testosterone deficiency (TD):

  • Low energy
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Loss of body hair
  • Less beard growth
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Obesity (being overweight)
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Decreased sense of well-being
  • Depressed mood
  • Difficulties with concentration and memory
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Loss of muscular strength

Additionally, there may be other factors that contribute to low testosterone, including:

Age: Adrenal fatigue and low testosterone levels are common conditions that affect men of all ages. Testosterone levels decline as we get older — usually beginning in our 30s or 40s, but sometimes as early as our 20s.

Diabetes: Having diabetes can lower your body's ability to make testosterone.

Obesity: Being overweight or obese can cause changes in your body's ability to make testosterone.

Excess stress: Chronic stress can cause the body to produce less testosterone due to high cortisol levels which shuts down testosterone production.

If you're a man and you're experiencing some of the symptoms of low testosterone, it's important to get checked out.

If any of these symptoms sound like something you're experiencing, talk to your doctor about getting tested for low T levels.

The benefits of adaptogens in your diet may help improve some of the symptoms of low testosterone and as we’ll discuss, even boost testosterone levels.

Top 6 Adaptogenic Herbs That Make You Feel Confident

If you want to feel as confident and energetic as possible, you need to be aware of these top six adaptogenic herbs. The benefits of adaptogens for men’s health have been used in traditional herbal medicine for thousands of years.

The most popular adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs for supporting male hormonal health, reducing stress and boosting testosterone production include Ashwagandha root, Cordyceps mushroom, Reishi mushroom, Siberian Ginseng, Pine Pollen and Maca root.

These adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs optimize the hormonal balance and help you achieve a positive outlook on life.

These are the top adaptogens for men's health:

Top 6 Adaptogenic Herbs That Make You Feel Confident

Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) is one of the most effective adaptogens for men's health. Ashwagandha root has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to improve vitality, libido, fertility, strength and stamina.

Ashwagandha root is revered for its stress lowering qualities and its ability to support the body’s stress response–the HPA axis. Stress can have disastrous effects on the body and especially for male hormonal health (4).

Stress activates the release of cortisol from the adrenal glands to prime the body for “fight or flight” mode. This mechanism is helpful in life or death situations, however, chronic stress causes a constant flood of cortisol and other stress hormones in the body which elevates inflammation levels, and increases the risk of other chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Studies show that Ashwagandha root is an ideal adaptogens supplements to lower cortisol levels significantly (5).

Cortisol also negatively effects male hormonal health and particularly testosterone. High levels of cortisol in the body shuts down testosterone production. Therefore, Ashwagandha root may help boost testosterone levels due to its stress relieving properties and ability to lower cortisol.

The Ashwagandha herb has also been found to increase the production of luteinizing hormone (LH). Luteinizing hormone is made in the pituitary gland, and it supports the reproductive system. In men, luteinizing hormone is essentially what triggers the production of testosterone. Higher LH levels may contribute to higher levels of testosterone (6).

Ashwagandha root is also a potent antioxidant food that may help protect cells in the testes (where testosterone is produced) from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes DNA damage and cell death. Less damage to the cells in the testes may support testosterone production.

Additionally, studies show that Ashwagandha root may be helpful in improving fertility. Due to its antioxidant and testosterone boosting properties, one study showed that Ashwagandha root improved the count, motility, and quality of semen (7).

Overall, Ashwagandha root is an ideal adaptogens supplements for men’s health. If you have low testosterone levels, need to boost fertility and lower stress, try using a high-quality organic Ashwagandha root extract.

Cordyceps Mushroom

Cordyceps is a superstar tonic herb and adaptogenic mushrooms that is highly revered for its ability to improve energy and mental performance, enhance libido and sexual function, support hormones, improve fertility and boost testosterone levels.

Cordyceps mushrooms are known as the “Himalayan Viagra” for the beneficial effects it can have on libido, sexual health, fertility and testosterone production (9).

Both Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris seem to increase testosterone levels, according to several animal studies. Cordyceps supplementation directly enhances the levels of serum luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone and improves sperm count and motility in tested animals.

Another study showed the in-vivo and in-vitro stimulatory effects of Cordyceps on mouse Leydig cells (the primary source of testosterone in males). Compounds extracted from the Cordyceps sinensis mycelium appeared to stimulate testosterone secretion in mice (10).

Another study reported that Cordyceps mushroom may help improve DHT levels. The findings showed that Cordyceps militaris fruiting body had inhibitory effects on testosterone-induced prostate hypertrophy but didn’t lower testosterone or DHT levels. On the contrary, Cordyceps increased the secretion of DHT and testosterone by primary testicular cells and caused cell proliferation (an increase in the number of cells) of testicular tissues (11).

More research needs to be conducted but these animals studies show great promise for the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms like Cordyceps to support men’s health and balance male hormonal health.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is one of the best adaptogenic mushrooms with powerful stress relieving and sleep promoting properties.

We face all kinds of stressors in modern life which can wreak havoc on our energy levels, mood and hormonal health if left unchecked. Chronic stress releases a constant flow of stress hormones–cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline–into the body which increases inflammation, lowers libido and shuts down testosterone production.

Reishi mushroom effectively protects the adrenals glands and brings the body’s stress response–the HPA axis–back into the balance so the stress hormones do not get out of control and cause exhaustion and other serious health conditions.

We know that proper deep sleep is critical for the body to recover and maintain healthy hormone levels. Testosterone production mostly occurs while we’re asleep in REM (rapid eye movement).

Reishi mushroom has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to improve sleep and treat individuals suffering from insomnia.

Use Reishi mushroom extract before bed to help relax and calm the mind in preparation of a good night’s sleep.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng, also known as Eleuthero root, is another superb adaptogenic herb for helping the body cope with physical and mental stress. Like other adaptogenic herbs, Siberian Ginseng supports the adrenals and lowers cortisol.

Studies have shown that the eleutherosides compounds in Siberian Ginseng possess the potent abilities to alleviate fatigue–both physical and mental fatigue (13).

Siberian Ginseng is described as having a stimulant-like effect on the body, offering a natural boost of energy. It may help overcome feelings of exhaustion as a result of physical exercise.

The stimulant effects of Siberian Ginseng can optimise the muscles during periods of intense physical activity. A study found that taking 800 mg of Siberian Ginseng per day increased the endurance time of the male subjects by 23% (14).

Siberian Ginseng also helps enhance immunity and reduce the symptoms of cold and flus. A study found that healthy people who took Siberian Ginseng for 4 weeks had more T-cells, which may indicate their immune systems were stronger.

Use 1500 mg of a high quality wild Siberian Ginseng extract daily to boost immunity, increase energy and reduce fatigue.

Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen has been used for centuries as a nutritive superfood and adaptogenic herb to regulate the endocrine system, manage stress response (HPA axis) and promote longevity.

Pine Pollen is a nutrient dense adaptogenic herb that boasts over 200 bioactive nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and over twenty amino acids–including all eight essential amino acids.

Pine Pollen is a complete protein food and contains important Phyto-Androgenic plant hormones, including naturally occurring testosterone. These rare-to-be-found-in-nature plant based compounds include androgens, DHEA, androsterone and others which can be used to naturally boost testosterone levels.

Pine Pollen powder is a great superfood to support male hormonal health. It’s often cited as a way to boost testosterone levels as well, however, there haven’t been any studies validating its effectiveness for boosting testosterone.

While Pine Pollen powder may not be as effective, an alcoholic tincture of Pine Pollen is more beneficial as a testosterone booster. Tinctures extract the phyto-therapeutic chemicals of the Pine Pollen and dissolve them into alcohol. This allows rapid absorption by the body.

It’s quite common in China to mega dose Pine Pollen powder due to its incredibly high nutrient profile. Many individuals consume between 5-10 grams per day for more potent effects and hormonal benefits.

10 grams of Pine Pollen powder equates to 3 slightly heaped tablespoons. You can break this amount up during the day by taking one tablespoon in the morning, another at noon and the last before bed. Or if you’d prefer, you can consume all three tablespoons at once.

Maca Root

Maca root is renowned as a potent aphrodisiac and energizing herb. This ancient Peruvian superfood is highly beneficial for male hormonal health–boosts libido, enhances sexual function, improves erectile dysfunction and promotes male fertility.

Enjoy 1-2 tablespoons of organic Maca root powder in your daily smoothies or breakfast bowls to experience the energizing and hormonal benefits.

Other Herbs For Men’s Health

These adaptogens are by no means a complete list of healthy herbs and superfoods to support men’s health.

You may also like to explore and research the benefits of these potent herbs for male hormonal health–Tongkat Ali, Polyrhachis Ant, Deer Antler, Ginseng, Shilajit, Guggul, Tribulus terrestris, and Saw palmetto.

Since we all have unique biochemistry and constitution make-ups, we always recommend following the guidelines of a nutritionist or holistic doctor that can provide a thorough assessment of the best herbs and adaptogens supplements that are best suited for you.

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Top 7 Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally for Men's Health

Top 7 Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

There are many natural ways to optimize male hormonal health and to help maintain and boost testosterone levels. Try adding these effective natural solutions into your lifestyle.

Adaptogens For Stress Relief

Stress is one of the biggest factors for disrupting male hormonal health. Cortisol levels in the blood are indicators of stress level. This steroid hormone can increase fat deposition, resulting in more conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

The benefits of adaptogens for men's health are that they support the endocrine system, reducing stress and balancing the HPA axis. The body manages stress via an intelligent feedback loop—the HPA axis. The hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis is the important glandular components of the body’s stress response.

Under a stressful situation, the emotional centre of the brain, the amygdala, triggers the hypothalamus to send alarm signals to the pituitary gland, which then sends hormonal messages to the adrenal glands to release stress hormones—adrenaline, cortisol etc. In this state, the body is primed for fight or flight and equipped to deal with the impending stressor(s).

This intelligent feedback loop is an important survival mechanism in any stressful event. With all the stressors in our modern society–trauma or dealing with the day to day grind–the problem for most of us is this feedback loop is always turned on.

If the body is constantly producing stress hormones, the adrenals lose the ability to signal to the brain, the hypothalamus, the stressor is over and it's time to recuperate. We lose the proper function of the HPA axis when the body is chronically stressed.

Adaptogenic mushrooms like Reishi and Cordycep and adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwagandha root all help to protect the adrenals and brain health, thereby supporting the HPA axis and reducing stress in the body.

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Healthy Foods to Boost Testosterone

Eat Healthy Food

It’s no secret that eating the right foods and following a healthy lifestyle leads to a long and happy life. Poor nutrition is at the root of many diseases and can also create an imbalance in male hormonal heath.

Here are a list of foods to avoid and foods to include in your diet to promote male hormonal health.

Foods to include:

  • Green tea
  • Multi colored fruits and vegetables
  • Nuts (particularly Brazil nuts which are rich in selenium—eat two per day)
  • Fiber (covered by eating fruits and vegetables)
  • Ground flax seed (1 tablespoon a day)
  • Soy products (soy milk instead of cow's milk)

    Foods to avoid:

    • Excessive sugar
    • Excessive caffeine
    • Red meat and other sources of animal fat
    • Excessive dairy products
    • Food dyes
    • Processed foods

    Additionally, to maintain optimal health, it’s best to avoid the following:

    • Alcohol (more than two drinks a day increases the conversion of testosterone to estrogen)
    • Tobacco products (Tobacco reduces testosterone)
    • Opioid pain medications (wherever possible)

    Moderate Exercise Boosts Testosterone

    Moderate Exercise

    A combination of aerobic (increase in heart rate) and resistance (weightlifting) training has been found to increase the production of testosterone in men. This also helps prevent the most common fatal diseases that men suffer from including heart disease and cancer.

    Additionally, it’s best to follow a moderate exercise regimen. ​​Overtraining in endurance sports and excessive exercise with calorie restriction can cause testosterone deficiency as well.

    Avoid Plastics (Xenobiotics)

    What are xenobiotics?

    Xenobiotics are compounds from the environment that mimic the body’s hormones. These compounds are known as estrogen-mimics that latch onto estrogen receptors in the body and accumulate more and more over time and antagonise male androgens which causes all kinds of hormonal imbalances and lowers testosterone levels.

    Research has shown that the average testosterone level in men has gradually dropped over the years. This may be in part due to all the environmental toxins that have accumulated over the years.

    The main toxins (estrogen-mimics) that we know about thus far include the following:

    Bisphenol A (BPA):
    BPA is found in many plastics. To avoid it, don't microwave food in plastic containers because the BPA which leach into the food you’re eating. Avoid plastic containers with the numbers 3, 6, or 7 engraved in the triangle on the product. Buy BPA-free water containers. Drinking water out of containers with the numbers 2, 4, 5, or 7 is OK. Do not drink out of Styrofoam containers.

    Phthalates are chemicals used in plastics, coatings, lubricants, and binders. Many are found in hygiene products such as shampoos, deodorants and colognes. Choose to use natural cosmetic products that are free from phthalates and other chemical ingredients.

    Organophosphates are mainly found in pesticides and herbicides. Choose to eat certified organic foods when possible to avoid exposure of organophosphates.

    Wherever possible, it’s best to avoid plastic altogether–food packaging, water bottles, cosmetic products etc. and always read the ingredients labels of your food and cosmetic products.

    Improve Your Sleep to Boost Testosterone

    Improve Your Sleep

    Sleep is critical for maintaining and boosting testosterone levels. Most of the body’s testosterone is made during deep sleep when a person is in Rapid Eye Movement (REM). A disrupted sleep cycle with less time spent in REM has been associated with low testosterone levels.

    To improve your sleep, avoid artificial bluelight at least one hour before bed. Switch off the TV, computer, tablet, WIFI, wear blue light blocking glasses, and start to wind down and relax. Try journaling, reading, meditation, and enjoy a sleep promoting tonic elixir with Reishi mushroom and Pearl powder.

    Sunlight on the Testes Boosts Testosterone

    Sunlight on the Testes

    Yes, you read that right. It’s ideal to get sun where the sun don’t shine. While the testes do not like excessive heat, they do respond well to direct ultraviolet light via natural sunlight.

    Studies by endocrinologists in the 1930’s reported 200% increases in testosterone production in their test subjects.

    Try exposing the testes to 10-25 minutes of direct natural sunlight daily to boost testosterone production.

    Supplement with These Nutrients

    To maintain healthy testosterone levels, the changes discussed above will trump any adaptogens supplements, but the nutrients below have also been found to inhibit aromatase and may offer additional benefits for male hormonal health.

    Zinc (if levels are low): 25-50 mcg daily.

    Quercetin: 400 mcg daily.

    Grape seed extract: 100-300 mcg daily. You can get all these nutrients by eating nuts, fruits (grapes and citrus), and vegetables.

    DHEA: 25-50 mcg daily. This OTC supplement is a precursor to testosterone found in the adrenal gland. It goes down when stress (cortisol) goes up. The best way to raise DHEA is to learn to see life in a less stressful way.

    Risks and Side Effects of Adaptogenic Herbs

    There are very few risks when including adaptogenic herbs in your diet. There are no known side effects of adaptogens either.

    The benefits of adaptogens supplements are that they're generally safe for most people. However, there may be some precautions you want to consider before adding adaptogenic herbs to your diet.

    If you’re taking any medications, please discuss with your health care practitioner to ensure adaptogens supplements are a safe addition to your diet.

    The side effects of adaptogenic herbs are rare but if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a blood disorder or have an autoimmune condition, please consult with your doctor before adding any new adaptogens supplements to your diet.

    Some Healthy and Tasty Adaptogen Drinks to Feel Energetic

    The benefits of adaptogens supplements are that they come in a variety of forms such as powder, capsules and liquid tinctures. Each delivery form makes it easy to include adaptogens into a variety of food and drink recipes to maximize your energy and performance levels every day.

    Adaptogenic Power Coffee Recipe

    Morning: Adaptogenic Power Coffee

    • 1 cup coffee, brewed
    • 1 TB MCT oil
    • 1 tsp Cordyceps mushroom extract powder
    • ¼ tsp Ashwagandha root extract powder
    • 1 tsp Honey (or another sweetener you desire)

    Method: Brew the coffee then pour into mug or blender. Add the honey and MCT oil and mix or blend in the Cordyceps and Ashwagandha extracts until the powders have completely dissolved. Serve in your favourite coffee mug and drink with passion and excitement for the day ahead!

    Green Hormone Boosting Smoothie Recipe

    Afternoon: Hormone Boosting Smoothie

    • 2 Cups plant-based milk
    • 1 Cup berries (mixture of blueberries, raspberries or strawberries etc.)
    • 1 Avocado
    • 2 TB Coconut cream
    • 2 TB Hemp seeds
    • 1 TB Raw Cacao powder
    • 1 TB Pine Pollen powder
    • 1 tsp Spirulina powder
    • 1 tsp Maca root powder
    • 1 tsp Honey (or another sweetener you desire)
    • ¼ tsp Cinnamon
    • Dash of sea salt

    Method: Add all the ingredients into the blender and blend on high for 10-20 seconds or until smooth. Drink with enthusiasm and enjoy!

    The Relaxation Tonic Recipe

    Evening: The Relaxation Tonic

    • 1 cup Chamomile tea, steeped
    • ½ tsp Reishi mushroom extract powder
    • ½ tsp Pearl powder
    • 1 tsp Honey (or another sweetener you desire)

    Method: Steep the chamomile tea in hot water for 2-5 minutes. Add the honey and mix or blend the Reishi and Pearl powder in the tea until the powders have completely dissolved. Sip with positive intentions and enjoy!

    In Conclusion

    Historically, men neglect their health more than women which is one reason why women have outlived men for more than 100 years.

    As you grow older, you may start noticing more and more changes in your body. Some men are able to accept it gracefully while others get frustrated with their changes and wonder what happened to them.

    Forsaking the fear of aging does not mean denying the reality of getting old while your energy is waning, testosterone is declining and neglecting your health altogether. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    Choose to make yourself aware of the changes that you have experienced and take preventive measures to continue enjoying your life healthier than ever before.

    Adopt new lifestyle changes to promote strength and longevity and include adaptogenic herbs and adaptogenic mushrooms in your diet for men’s health such as Ashwagandha root, Cordyceps mushroom, Reishi mushroom, Siberian Ginseng, Pine Pollen and more.

    These powerful benefits of adaptogens have been used for centuries to improve energy and mental performance, reduce fatigue, lower stress, boost stamina and endurance, and support male hormonal health.

    Start with one adaptogens supplements that resonates with you, take it for some time and enjoy the benefits for men’s health.

    Try Adaptogens Australia.


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