The Perfect Hangover Cure Elixir with Pine Pollen (Alcohol-Free)

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The Perfect Hangover Cure Elixir with Teelixir Wild Pine Pollen Powder (Alcohol Free)

We've all been there before: that moment when you wake up after a big night out of drinking too much and feeling foggy, sick and sorry for ourselves, in a vulnerable state promising ourselves we'll never do it again.

But wasn't last night just so much fun!

We could've helped to avoid this:

If we were smart, we drank loads of water before bed.

If we were really smart, we dropped 1000-2000 mg of activated charcoal before bed to help the body absorb all the toxins from the alcohol.

If we were super-dooper smart, we consumed our liver-protective mushrooms (Cordyceps and Reishi) before the big night out even started.

Sidenote: read the 12 Best Herbs for Liver Detoxification.

What's interesting is many people have actually reported not being able to get intoxicated after consuming Cordyceps mushroom.

Those fun-guys just take away all the fun, don't they...

These tips can help before your pre-drinks begin. But if you've just regained your consciousness the morning after and are already feeling the dreaded pain of a hangover, I realise these helpful tidbits won't serve you now.

Let's be real.

There's really nothing that can instantly eradicate a hangover. 

But there are a few things you can do to help make you feel less like garbage and get back on track to be 100% again.

It's all about rehydrating and remineralising the body.

Alcohol completely dehydrates the body.

It goes without saying that we need to drink more water after a night out. But drinking water, while necessary, is not as fun as guzzling down this delicious elixir.

The Perfect Hangover Cure Elixir Recipe

Try this recipe to make the ultimate hangover cure elixir featuring Pine Pollen and friends. 100% All-Natural ingredients, Vegan, Gluten Free and Alcohol-free!



Add all the ingredients into a blender and blast on high for 5-10 seconds. Sip, share, love and enjoy. Serves 1-2 hangovers.

Why it works:

Hydration and minerals are key to overcoming a nasty hangover. The electrolytes from coconut water and sea salt will help with the rehydration process.

The Camu Camu powder and lemon juice provides a nice dose of vitamin C and helps elevates the body's pH level to a more balanced alkaline state.

Pine Pollen powder may be the single most effective food to help prevent a hangover. Pine Pollen is loaded with over 200 nutritive compounds including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential amino acids, and is a complete protein.

One compound, Dihydromyricetin (DHM), has been called by some scientists as the "antidote to alcohol" because of how effectively it prevents feelings of intoxication, headbanging hangovers and other unpleasant alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Raw Pine Pollen powder has no side effects and is completely safe to take, either before or after you start drinking.

Fulvic Acid Ionic Minerals provides a rich blend of organic compounds including over 77 micro and macro essential trace minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids which are found naturally in the soil. These compounds help increase the uptake and availability of nutrition from foods including all the nutrients from the Pine Pollen and elevates the body's pH.

Tremella is an incredible youth-preserving mushroom that has the ability to rejuvenate, moisturize, and hydrate the skin naturally. Its unique polysaccharide compounds show remarkable water retaining properties. 

The water holding capacity of Tremella mushroom is nearly 500 times its own weight! This is greater than hyaluronic acid, a common ingredient used in expensive skin care products to retain the skin’s moisture.

To give you a better idea of their water-holding differences, hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000 times its weight in water while Tremella mushroom holds about 5 times more water than hyaluronic acid. This makes Tremella mushroom one of the best natural hydrating superfoods.

The Benefits of Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is a powerful nutritive superfood boasting over 200 bio-active nutrients.

Pine Pollen is high in antioxidants (including SOD), vitamins, minerals, MSM, and is a complete protein containing over twenty amino acids, including all eight essential amino acids.

Pine Pollen is an excellent hormone balancing food as well. It's easily absorbed and can assist in reducing the toxic estrogen load in the body, and support the entire endocrine system.

Pine Pollen is beneficial for men and women. It's a potent source of phyto-androgens and a naturally derived source of testosterone. Please note: this is not a steroid and therefore, you will not experience any side effects as such.

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