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Iced Vanilla Mocha Recipe Chaga Mushroom

by Daniel Whitechurch May 03, 2018 2 min read

Vanilla Wild Chaga Superfood Medicinal Mushroom Iced Mocha Latte Recipe

Vanilla-Chaga Iced Mocha Recipe

• 2 Cups cold brew coffee
• 1 Cup Coconut milk
• 2 Tb Cacao powder
• 1/2 tsp Ground cinnamon powder
• 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract powder
• Favourite sweetener (optional)

Add all ingredients to your blender and blast on high for 10-20 seconds until smooth. Pour over ice in a tall glass. Sip, share, love, enjoy! 
Serves 2-3.

Teelixir Vanilla-Chaga Iced Mocha Recipe Card

Why would you add mushrooms to your coffee?!

Superfood mushroom coffees are all the craze right now! Adding mushrooms to your coffee promotes many positive health and performance benefits:

  • Increases Energy
  • Protects Adrenals (no more crash or jitters!)
  • Boosts Antioxidants
  • Enhances Brain Power
  • Increases Alkalinity (coffee is often too acidic.)
  • Supports Immunity

These benefits along with many others are very good reasons why you should upgrade your coffees with superfood mushrooms every day! Your coffee will never be the same again.

The Benefits of Chaga Mushroom


Teelixir Certified Organic Wild Chaga MushroomWild Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) might be one of the most important adaptogens ever! Its broad range of remarkable benefits makes it one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. Hailed as “King of the Medicinal Mushrooms”, Chaga has shown through considerable research to have powerful immune boosting, skin nourishing, antioxidant supportive, and energizing effects.

Chaga has a rich history in Siberia Russia where the indigenous folk has been using this top mushroom for thousands of years as a health-promoting tea and tonic. It would serve as the best adaptogenic substance to increase the body's resistance to stress under the cold and harsh Siberian climate. Chaga grows on birch trees, almost exclusively, in birch forests throughout Russia, China, North America, Canada, Japan, and northern Europe. Its favourite birch tree host provides this fungus with high levels of unique compounds (such as beta-glucans, betulin, and betulinic acid) that offer unbelievable benefits for human health.

Chaga is a good source of vitamins and minerals which make it one of the most alkaline foods. Chaga is a top source of antioxidant enzymes, digestive enzymes, polysaccharides (beta-glucans), and other valuable compounds which give Chaga its potent immune boosting properties. Few foods on this earth, if any, have the incredible nutritional profile and the broad spectrum of benefits that Chaga holds. In Chinese medicine, it is referred to as the “gift of God”. The only known side effect of Chaga mushroom is excellent health. Chaga is the superfood of superfoods!

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